HP Matte Film (36"" x 120 ft)- HP51642B

1. Product Overview
Summary: For master and high-volume reproducible drawings Smooth,
matte polyester film produces sharp blk and color lines, uniform solid
areas * Archivable and smear resistant. Surface accepts pencil for
notations Target Customers: CAD, AEC, GIS * Req: Archivable, High-volume
reproducible, Annotatable
2. Other Comments
Specifications: Weight: 198 grams per meter square * Thickness: 5 mil
* Dry Time: 11 minutes * Size: 36 in. x 120 ft. Compatibility with hp
DesignJet printer models: *
1050c/1055cm/800/800ps/500/500ps/750c/plus/755cm/488ca/450c1/455ca1/3/ *
700/430/330 (Line drawings)
Product code: HP51642B
Prices Exclude GST
Price: $239.95


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